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Reviews left by keytronic

Thu, Oct 2 4:08 PM keytronic review of Like Music by Loveshadow
This is simply wonderful. It could be longer.....
Wed, Oct 1 4:57 PM keytronic review of Like A What? by Scott Altham
holy moly....I don't like Rap...usually. Just regcognized, that this is f..king ...
Wed, Oct 1 4:54 PM keytronic review of I Got a Girl by copperhead
pure gold. And I had it in my ears....thanks for sharing - this is champions lea...
Wed, Oct 1 4:51 PM keytronic review of The Comfy Car (Bring home the meat Bubba) by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Had a lot of fun listening to this cool mix. :-) Great one....
Wed, Oct 1 4:49 PM keytronic review of Enjoy the View at 432 (Hz) by Jeris
mathematics sound sometimes pretty urban...especially with this great mixture of...
Wed, Oct 1 4:45 PM keytronic review of Fortune by Stefan Kartenberg
Pressed like right after the second bar. This got me immediately in its grip. ...
Wed, Oct 1 4:42 PM keytronic review of We are Electric by Quarkstar
very smart. Great setup.
Wed, Oct 1 4:30 PM keytronic review of Sweet_Seduction by Stefan Kartenberg
Da kann es einer aber echt! Wow - solid, professional
Wed, Sep 24 9:31 AM keytronic review of Take me home by Dysfunction_AL the moment the guitar enters...makes it very indie.
Wed, Sep 24 9:29 AM keytronic review of Homesick by Doxent Zsigmond
wow...beautiful. worth to listen more often ( completed)
Wed, Sep 17 1:44 PM keytronic review of You and I by Sturzstrom
this is deep - very very unterhaltsam.
Wed, Sep 17 1:43 PM keytronic review of We are Electric (A Sexy Dubstep) by SackJo22
HEY!!! you just destroyed a picture I have created from you.. This is the sound...
Wed, Sep 17 1:39 PM keytronic review of Shayef Nafsak by reiswerk
I have no idea what this song is about - but this italo style combined with occi...
Wed, Sep 17 1:35 PM keytronic review of Simple Things by Aussens@iter
Before this I could not have imagined the voice in this kind of arrangement. BUT...
Wed, Sep 17 1:33 PM keytronic review of Why Did I Fall For You by copperhead
Hahaha...yessss....ska...and what a party bomb.