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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Wed, Mar 19 6:04 AM Kraftamt review of Rain Falls Soft by Zep Hurme
That is really fantastic......
Mon, Feb 24 5:57 PM Kraftamt review of Am120-GTR-Arps+Impro by Javolenus
WOW .... Fantastic, Jav. Your guitar playing reminds me of Mark Knopfler.
Mon, Feb 24 5:45 PM Kraftamt review of Cm124-FunkyGroove by Javolenus
This is really awesome, Jav. A great jazzy guitar riff. The efects fit nicely wi...
Mon, Feb 24 5:36 PM Kraftamt review of Das fraktale Universum by Stefan Kartenberg
Geniales Ding....:-)
Tue, Feb 11 6:22 PM Kraftamt review of Geometry by Doxent Zsigmond
Fantastic Sound, Dox.....
Wed, Oct 23 8:20 PM Kraftamt review of didnt play a note by Sturzstrom
oha...nice smooth mix
Wed, Oct 23 4:13 AM Kraftamt review of Sweet Pauline's Juke Joint Party by texasradiofish
ohhh...yes...really great work...
Wed, Oct 23 4:12 AM Kraftamt review of And Beyond by Shyness
Wed, Oct 23 4:08 AM Kraftamt review of Hot Core by Zep Hurme
Thats very cool, Zep!!
Wed, Oct 23 1:32 AM Kraftamt review of Elements by Platinum Butterfly
Very nice Mix, Frank!!! Well done!!
Fri, Oct 18 6:30 PM Kraftamt review of For whom the Doom Bell tolls by Wired Ant
Man, Mr. Ant! What a great number. I really like the crying bell. The drums, sou...
Wed, Oct 16 4:04 PM Kraftamt review of Pray by charlie_charles
cool smooth mix.......
Mon, Oct 14 4:08 PM Kraftamt review of Children of the Spirit (+ stems) by Platinum Butterfly
Very cool thing!
Sat, Aug 31 6:46 PM Kraftamt review of May We Join Hands? by Doxent Zsigmond
Great Track, Doxent...
Sat, Aug 31 6:35 PM Kraftamt review of No Se Si Tu by texasradiofish
Damn great job, guys....fantastic...