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Reviews left for Javolenus

Sun, Jul 21 1:38 AM soundtails review of Dry Doodles by Javolenus
Nice Sony DV Rec I had used a Sansa Scandisk no mic input, my cpu gets hums no b...
Mon, Jul 15 2:31 AM Speck review of Mille Regretz (Ebow) by Javolenus
Excellent sample, spanning the ages.
Sun, Jul 7 3:31 AM Speck review of Shell Voices by Javolenus
Sweet and mellow. Nice feel.
Sat, May 11 2:57 AM Speck review of 74 Melancholia by Javolenus
Tue, May 7 3:43 AM Speck review of Sony Groove by Javolenus
I think the raw recording is quite good, actually. Played around with it a bit y...
Mon, Mar 18 3:43 PM Apoxode review of Revocation by Javolenus
Nice! Reassuring and upbeat energy, very inspirational. :)
Wed, Mar 6 2:19 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of A Little Night Groove by Javolenus
Sun, Feb 24 12:19 PM Apoxode review of Circle of Six by Javolenus
This is great! I like the blend of guitar and synth -- a very cool jazz feel. :...
Sun, Feb 24 4:31 AM Speck review of Circle of Six by Javolenus
Sat, Feb 23 7:24 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Americano: Another Sip by Javolenus
thanks for this great upload
Sat, Feb 23 3:23 AM Speck review of Americano by Javolenus
Cool gritty sound.
Fri, Feb 22 12:15 PM Admiral Bob review of Americano by Javolenus
A bit of reverse guitar in this, and it might become a nice psychedelic Hendrix ...
Sun, Jan 27 7:29 AM Martijn de Boer (NiGiD) review of No Consensus by Javolenus
Very pretty
Tue, Jan 1 1:12 PM Snowflake review of Older by Javolenus
i can't stop singing this.
Wed, Dec 12 2:27 AM Speck review of In Dulce Jubilo by Javolenus
Well played, great sound. Fantastic.