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Incoherent Mumble Train:
Sat, Jul 5 8:01 PM Pluggy Plugs :: I'm baaaaack
If anybody cares to listen, I have a new mix and would like critiques! Hook a b...
Sat, Jul 5 1:18 AM DIY :: Special meaning for "beats" in BPM?
Thanks for the tip. I'll mark the 6/4 according to the dotted half, instead of t...
Fri, Nov 9 11:14 AM The Big OT :: secretmixter post thread!
Cool then! Nix my thread! Sleeping is nice, don't worry.
Fri, Nov 9 10:16 AM The Big OT :: secretmixter post thread!
Since the secretmixter tag ain't working, I thought it would be a good idea to l...
Tue, Oct 9 12:09 PM The Big OT :: SecretMixter IV: Zed Revolution
Like I'm doing anything better, count me in.
Sun, Sep 30 2:47 PM Pluggy Plugs :: New Calendargirl Mumblemix enjoy
Mon, Aug 27 7:28 PM Pluggy Plugs :: New Mumblemix MUCH LOVE CCMIX...
Tue, Jul 24 1:29 AM Pluggy Plugs :: New Drum Samples
nice man, stealin em.
Thu, Jul 19 9:32 PM Pluggy Plugs :: New Mumblemix
Calendargirl's June is up and running.
Thu, Jul 5 6:04 AM Pluggy Plugs :: New Calandergirl Mumblemix Clickyclicky, e...
Sat, May 12 4:29 AM Pluggy Plugs :: My Vadim Remix, way behind schedule
Check out my kill kill kill. Enjoy
Sun, Apr 15 4:03 AM Pluggy Plugs :: Two new Calendargirl Mumblemixes
Check out December and March under my name. WOOT!
Sat, Mar 17 4:56 PM DIY :: How much time did you spend with Mr. Toure?
About 4 or 5 hours. I'm a quick one...
Sun, Feb 11 12:27 PM Pluggy Plugs :: Premiere remix on ccMixter Leave me critiqu...