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Hi Im the Hipnoninja aka Timothy stapley ,Im a composer ,musition ,luther ,
Enginair and genral lover of all
music . i think music is a magic/energy wich i can draw strghnth from when im week ,and a intoxican when im happy/sad.
there are no genras in my mind, just bpm and tone slit betwen time/pich and th paters that emerge are the things ower minds then recognze and reflect.
i make a wide variety of diferrent music ,from highly rythmic to rithemles tonal movment.
working as a enginar i have a grate number of recordings of out takes from orcestras to blues and jazz,rock,punk,inde,hiphop,D&B,house,disco,funk,swing,pop,r&B…..
i allso produce video/film sound/vision wich you can see on youtube- Hipnoninja -
or myspace
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Tue, Nov 13, 2007
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