Reviews left by GOLDRUNNER

Sat, Jul 21 9:57 AM GOLDRUNNER review of what feeds you by mutagene
Great use of effects
Sat, Jul 21 9:51 AM GOLDRUNNER review of Wandering by Robwalkerpoet by leonjw
Awesome little drum loop there :)
Sat, Jul 21 9:36 AM GOLDRUNNER review of all for freaks ( All For Free Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Great energy
Sat, Jul 21 9:32 AM GOLDRUNNER review of I'm Falling by texasradiofish
wow.. flawless mix
Sat, May 26 9:49 AM GOLDRUNNER review of Crack The Kobe Galaxia by Speck
I've been trying to figure out if I've heard anything like this before, it seeme...
Very polished modern hip-hop production, kind of combines the progressive electr...
Sat, May 26 8:16 AM GOLDRUNNER review of Toward Isolation by onlymeith
Very cool soundscape.. I think one thing music can do better than other art form...
Fri, May 25 2:58 PM GOLDRUNNER review of Igor arriving from the Plains with his erstwhile frozen Accordeon joins the Parade by annabloom
Fascinating handling of material that's pretty highly charged, certainly comes w...
Thu, May 17 12:24 PM GOLDRUNNER review of Drum'n'Bird by Speck
Very interesting idea using bird song as a contrapuntal device.. that sort of th...
Thu, May 17 11:39 AM GOLDRUNNER review of Postmodernism is Antenostalgia by annabloom
Meticulous distortions, sounds a little like a discriminating use of Reaktor or ...
Mon, May 14 11:13 AM GOLDRUNNER review of "Meditation is a state of mind" (Kundalini Rising Part 2) by Jeris
Very nice.. great sample selection, very good on the frequencies, the drums pop ...
Mon, May 14 11:09 AM GOLDRUNNER review of My Eyes Are Open by texasradiofish
Nice.. I can dig this
Sat, May 12 3:22 AM GOLDRUNNER review of A Better World by onlymeith
I love this, dystopian and intense. A clean high impact production
Fri, May 11 9:24 PM GOLDRUNNER review of I Am Through by Speck
Exactly the kind of music I listen to. This puts me in my mind of some of the be...
Thu, May 10 8:58 AM GOLDRUNNER review of You Rascal, You (TJMorgan Drunk Remix) by morgantj
Brilliant! Just what I wanted to hear..