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Wed, Oct 8 12:54 PM DJ.E-State review of SHOULDN'T HAVE TEASED ME by Ms.Vybe
wow, was waiting for such thing on cc for long.. great!
Wed, Oct 8 12:50 PM DJ.E-State review of the Reminisce pt1 by BOCrew
So sweet.............. love it!
Thu, Oct 2 4:27 PM DJ.E-State review of 4nsic_-_ITS_TIME - DjiZremixV1 by Kwame
Like overall arrangement, pauses, syncing with pella. Sample could be more drama...
Tue, Sep 30 11:37 AM DJ.E-State review of Millet/Worldwide by Hi_Stakes
Like the way you mixed all the stuff, nicely synced, also percussion is in its p...
Mon, Sep 29 6:59 PM DJ.E-State review of Chuck D Downtempo Remix by Oficina Musica Digital
JLang said it)
Mon, Sep 29 6:55 PM DJ.E-State review of PAPEETE UNDERGROUND / DIRTY EDIT by BOCrew
aaaight disiz experimental but still real hip-hop style from BOCrew!
Wed, Jul 2 3:27 AM DJ.E-State review of GO WIT ME (FORENSIC MIX) by FORENSIC
Wed, Jul 2 3:24 AM DJ.E-State review of Remixah Leejun[Mseq Remix] by XS09
You are Bronze Nazareth aren't you???
Wed, Jul 2 3:17 AM DJ.E-State review of YESTERDAY / NĀ°1 by BOCrew
chilling and nodding very pleasant beat!
Mon, Jun 23 8:41 AM DJ.E-State review of Take A Look At Me Now by J.Lang -(HELLFIRE Remix) by mykleanthony
Simple, but classy. Intro makes listener ready for 90's hiphop
Mon, Jun 23 2:35 AM DJ.E-State review of Q - Take a look at me now - DjiZ remix by Kwame
Nice! liked percussions used in the beat, also synced tight to pella
Wed, May 21 5:42 AM DJ.E-State review of Take a Deep Breath by Alan Lu
dirty biting beats ... coool!
Sat, May 17 3:20 PM DJ.E-State review of Remix Culture Addict by shagrugge
this is shagrugge
Fri, May 16 5:22 AM DJ.E-State review of 4NSIC _ Deep in yaself (DjiZ RmX) by Kwame
Ah, that is simple but energizing! What I understood that when using 4ensic's pe...
Sun, Apr 27 2:04 PM DJ.E-State review of love meat by enter_the_eggman
What a production!!! M y head was nodding in rhytm. Mix of beatnuts style, elect...