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Reviews left by DJ.E-State

Sat, Mar 31 6:06 AM DJ.E-State review of Whatever ( I can't Use It ) Feat Tru_Ski & G'Wills by J.Lang
Damn, Lang. You've got the reallest production here..
Sat, Mar 31 5:58 AM DJ.E-State review of The Cheese (almost live ratrace mix) by plurgid
Nice clear drums, really resembling The Roots.
Tue, Mar 27 2:54 PM DJ.E-State review of The BODDYKER day by BOCrew
oh, this is hot - easy smooth beat, nice female vocals, guitars.. love it, 5 st...
Sun, Mar 25 5:44 AM DJ.E-State review of Kil Kill Kill _ Djiz Rmx by Kwame
both pella and instrumental have similar half reggae half africana style - you c...
Sat, Mar 24 5:10 PM DJ.E-State review of Blue Panther (a little drum and bass mix) by Analog By Nature
Perfect drum beats on ccmixter !!!
Sat, Mar 24 11:52 AM DJ.E-State review of We do it live_Djiz Rmx by Kwame
Yes, I Like it, Cool ))
Tue, Mar 20 12:54 PM DJ.E-State review of Su..Su...Sudden.. by bombero
interesting beat! but vocal sync problems are present
Sun, Mar 18 6:54 AM DJ.E-State review of 3:1 by Luke Tripp
liked the part from 1:20 TO 2:10, nice looping of cello, vocals also fit well !
Fri, Mar 16 12:56 PM DJ.E-State review of Untitled 3 by teru
sounds very smooth and solid !!
Sat, Mar 3 10:07 AM DJ.E-State review of Breakdown (Basement Mix) by KCentric
very good production on this track - love it. sounds very professional!
Sat, Mar 3 9:56 AM DJ.E-State review of RIDE RIDE The Dirty Water Remix by J.Lang
acapella fits in the beat perfectly, organ just to the point
Sat, Mar 3 9:49 AM DJ.E-State review of Can't We (course correction mix) by DJ BLUE
oh, i love the beat, bass, riff, guitars and scratching - everything... beatnut...
Fri, Mar 2 5:18 PM DJ.E-State review of Contemplations (Hopeless Bleak Despair Remix) by Sawtooth
Very interesting sounding !
Sun, Feb 25 7:11 PM DJ.E-State review of 3 Steinway Loops - Part 3 by Klaus_N
Just perfect piano loop !
Sat, Feb 24 10:01 AM DJ.E-State review of Hip Hop for Dummies (Flex Barker Remix ) by Tobias ( Flex Barker )
You synced acapella with beat perfectly !