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DJ.E-State (E_State):

Reviews left by DJ.E-State

Fri, Jun 1 5:05 PM DJ.E-State review of KyA by Paulus
This beat is awesome !!! love here sync, fxes, basses - evvverything...
Sat, May 19 1:31 PM DJ.E-State review of The last song/outro by BOCrew
Very interesting style! I mostly like clean hip-hop, but these beats sound OK fo...
Sat, May 12 1:27 PM DJ.E-State review of No Regrets by Paulus
Good remix! I think this is the best among all remixes on that acapella. I just...
Mon, Apr 30 2:49 PM DJ.E-State review of ex's (little Italy mix) by Analog By Nature
nice guitars, such a love ballade ;) kick is some dirty to my taste, but nice m...
Sun, Apr 29 2:48 PM DJ.E-State review of "Hangin' with Vic" by Analog By Nature
Oh, this is very nice instrumental, like it so much...
Thu, Apr 19 1:28 AM DJ.E-State review of JUST TALK BEAT 90BPM by ASHWAN
Nice beat!! Would be great to hear some dope pella over this!
Fri, Apr 13 1:44 AM DJ.E-State review of My turn / Sunset mix by BOCrew
Nice female chorus and piano or smth. on the backs. Creates soft melancholic mo...
Thu, Apr 12 2:45 AM DJ.E-State review of On the air.. by bombero
Like the beat here, great !!! Early JMT style...
Thu, Apr 12 2:40 AM DJ.E-State review of Chucks ~ Yimair Soulful Remix by YimAir
wow, beat synced with the acapella ideally !!!!!!
Tue, Apr 10 1:28 AM DJ.E-State review of Guessin Games_The Dirty Water Straight Up R&B Mix by J.Lang
I'm not that good music maker, but I see no tweaks applicable - just perfect!
Sat, Apr 7 2:20 PM DJ.E-State review of Kill Kill Kill _The 187 Mix by J.Lang
I like this remix the most of all in contest !
Fri, Apr 6 1:02 PM DJ.E-State review of A sunshine day (instru) by BOCrew
fresh and bright hip-hop!
Mon, Apr 2 11:44 AM DJ.E-State review of Open your eyes by Paulus
not bad instrumental part - melody, bass - very nice ! but vocal is not synced...
Sun, Apr 1 10:58 AM DJ.E-State review of What ya talkin bout? (Hip-Hop Soul Mix) by KCentric
solid respectable beat ! i feel soul club atmosphere here.. would be nice to h...
Sat, Mar 31 7:14 AM DJ.E-State review of Not Like That (Duckett Mix) by duckett
true rnb.. especially the moment 'i remember all the times i held your hand...' ...