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Reviews left by DJ.E-State

Fri, Feb 18 3:41 AM DJ.E-State review of Past, Present by Kruzzial
wow wow wow here I feel Energy!!
Sun, Sep 26 7:22 AM DJ.E-State review of Life Is Strange by The Mulletz
I also tried this vocal for a couple of hiphop tracks and may be this is not wha...
Sun, Sep 19 4:23 AM DJ.E-State review of Q - Take a look at me now - DjiZ remix by Kwame
yees, I like this style!!!
Mon, May 3 6:10 PM DJ.E-State review of Nothin like this before (ciggivision vibe) by shagrugge
tha sickest beat
Sat, May 1 7:01 PM DJ.E-State review of SAINT SEIYA by BOCrew
i like female's 'uhu' so muuch.. just in the right place right sound!! also like...
Fri, Apr 30 9:29 PM DJ.E-State review of A TRIBUTE TO MAKKROSS by BOCrew
what can I say... I'm just a fan of your beats style and this beat is a distinct...
Sun, Apr 25 7:26 PM DJ.E-State review of two worlds distance (grounds on fire) by PhinkTink
like it! drumline, pianos, vocal.. all nicely combined and put together, good w...
Sun, Apr 25 3:57 PM DJ.E-State review of el ciclo by turkdirty
your 'fun' sounds cool!!
Tue, Apr 20 1:53 PM DJ.E-State review of NOTHING LIKE THIS / A SIDE by BOCrew
top class production as always
Mon, Apr 5 8:51 AM DJ.E-State review of Had A Vision by Blake
I imagine hearing it live in a club with live instruments.. oh that would be so ...
Sun, Apr 4 1:55 PM DJ.E-State review of Where Do We Go... by Citizen Nyx
very nice music, love it
Sun, Mar 28 8:27 PM DJ.E-State review of INGREDIENT by BOCrew
awesome beat, homie!
Sat, Dec 12 7:17 PM DJ.E-State review of I Wanna Be Free (mountain top celebration mix) by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
Nice idea to stectch BOCrew's beat to fit this pella. Mood of the beat fit words...
Thu, Dec 10 4:07 PM DJ.E-State review of LOGIC PROGRESSION by BOCrew
brow, this catches the headnodding harmonic since first sec!
Thu, Dec 10 4:05 PM DJ.E-State review of Deep in ya Self by Blake
I think I know where you took that scratch sample ;) Like the bass plus drumlin...