Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Wed, Jun 17 2:08 PM DoKashiteru review of How lucky i am by ditto ditto
truly gorgeous. Good to hear from you again, ditto :)
Wed, Jun 17 7:45 AM DoKashiteru review of William and Caroline (Nebulae) by gurdonark
Awesome. This has a great old-electronic-music feel to it with the sounds and st...
Mon, Jun 15 8:35 AM DoKashiteru review of Yes by SackJo22
Wow. Man. I wasn't expecting this - this is wild! I was physically sinking lower...
Fri, Jun 12 6:18 PM DoKashiteru review of Punnany Connection by Alex
Nice! Very catchy and danceable. Good work!
Fri, Jun 12 5:24 AM DoKashiteru review of Siren by CiggiBurns
Stunningly beautiful - you and narva9? What a perfect combination! Thank you bot...
Tue, Jun 9 5:37 PM DoKashiteru review of Saturday (9 to 5 Euphoria Horn Mix) by KCentric
Wow, man. This is truly something else (in a very, very good way :D )
Thu, Jun 4 12:35 PM DoKashiteru review of Bogi Beat Budapest by Budapest BluesBoy
What a blast! Great mix, gorgeous melodies and awesome rhythmic vox in the backg...
Wed, Jun 3 11:32 AM DoKashiteru review of LoseYourMind(FixedMix) by ghosts4hire
catchy catchy catchy. Nice work!
Tue, Jun 2 11:38 AM DoKashiteru review of Endless Possibilities by kreativitit
Very catchy and energetic. Great mix!
Tue, Jun 2 10:02 AM DoKashiteru review of Do To You by JCartwright
Not bad at all! The "do to you" is nicely synced and makes for a really cool, ca...
Mon, Jun 1 7:20 AM DoKashiteru review of 24 Ton Elephant A Cappella by Kaer Trouz
Awesome, awesome, awesome. I love this one
Mon, Jun 1 7:18 AM DoKashiteru review of for the heat by turkdirty
Nice feel to this one - I'm really, really enjoying it!
Wed, May 27 3:04 PM DoKashiteru review of Welsh Valleys CMS Promo by radiotimes
XD I love this!
Tue, May 26 7:42 PM DoKashiteru review of Cyclops by Quantum Theor(y)
oh man COOL. That's all I have to say.
Tue, May 26 7:39 PM DoKashiteru review of Exoskeleton by Quantum Theor(y)
Whoa, cool! I love the keys on this in particular - awesome mix!