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Reviews left by DoKashiteru

Wed, Jul 30 4:30 AM DoKashiteru review of sunset by Minus Kelvin
Very, very good stuff - sounds like it's from that game Myst :D Great job! I ...
Sun, Jul 27 5:42 PM DoKashiteru review of Goodlife by Knightsnare
Very, very cool! Lasswell's right, there is a point or two that's out of sync, b...
Wed, Jul 23 8:46 AM DoKashiteru review of Where i stand by frompast0
This is excellent! Great job - I love the things you've done with the vocals, th...
Wed, Jul 23 3:07 AM DoKashiteru review of HUSH! (A Cappella) by KCentric
This is really, really good - excellent lyrics, excellent delivery, excellent re...
Wed, Jul 23 3:03 AM DoKashiteru review of BBQ by spinmeister
Oh, great. Now I'm not going to be able to get that out of my head. It is very s...
Wed, Jul 23 2:58 AM DoKashiteru review of Unforgiven by spinmeister
Wheeeeew...this is nice, man. I feel like Joel from Eternal Sunshine of the Spot...
Wed, Jul 23 2:52 AM DoKashiteru review of Matter of Time (Chillout Remix) by The_Extreme
Nice! I've only heard major-key remixes of this song so far, but it sounds great...
Tue, Jul 22 4:21 PM DoKashiteru review of FAYE by Zae
oh man oh man oh man. These are gorgeous vocals - very, very, well done!
Tue, Jul 22 4:09 PM DoKashiteru review of Run Off by The Hexyl Circle
Wow, this is really nice. It'll be great to work with! :D
Tue, Jul 22 9:51 AM DoKashiteru review of Sunrise CC Shock remix by GENGI
Very nice! The only thing I can suggest is to have some bigger drums - a drum ma...
Tue, Jul 22 4:49 AM DoKashiteru review of Deep In Ya Self (Faith Re-mix) by Revlin
very nice, very nice! Thanks for the kind words - and man, I love the parts you'...
Mon, Jul 21 5:19 PM DoKashiteru review of What Will We Find When We Go Into Space? by teru
Ahhhhh, this is great. The speech is amazing, the music fits it wonderfully. Wel...
Mon, Jul 21 3:54 PM DoKashiteru review of Hornet (Scottz Filtered Sandwich Edit) by Scott Altham
Very, very cool textures here. Awesome job!
Mon, Jul 21 10:01 AM DoKashiteru review of's.oktober by detox3d
Fun track - good work!
Mon, Jul 21 9:03 AM DoKashiteru review of deep in ya self by FORENSIC
Awesome, awesome, awesome. What more to say? :D