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Reviews left by diaphane

Tue, Feb 3 6:27 AM diaphane review of Lintoficated by Sturzstrom
Inventive and original, very nice
Tue, Feb 3 6:24 AM diaphane review of Market Hacker ft. Ms. Vybe VS Robwalkerpoet by reiswerk
Excellent musical melting-pot and rythm; Robwalker and Ms.Vybe go together very ...
Tue, Feb 3 6:07 AM diaphane review of Waterfall by Stefan Kartenberg
Excellent ! Stefan you're good in all kinds of music, even in jazz with this sub...
Tue, Feb 3 5:55 AM diaphane review of Take Me Home by Tarida Gaol
Delicate and beautiful !!!!
Tue, Feb 3 5:51 AM diaphane review of Selkie's Daughter (Mermaids Pride) by Siobhan Dakay
Pure and beautiful like silk, or mermaid's song !!! Gorgeous :)Perfect associati...
Sun, Feb 1 11:07 AM diaphane review of Poesia by Jeris
Original and brilliant :)
Sun, Feb 1 11:02 AM diaphane review of Roll The Credits (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid
I couldn't say better than TRF, perfect rythm, and good association with Bocrewl...
Sun, Feb 1 10:56 AM diaphane review of Waterfall by elliotnesslequik
Welcome Elliot :) Nice music and play on words !!
Sun, Feb 1 10:49 AM diaphane review of Never (stand still mix) by keytronic
Pure joy !!! I imagine you dancing with Ciggiburns ! Optimistic music :)
Sat, Jan 31 8:37 AM diaphane review of The murder of Frank Bigelow 2.1 by zensunni
Very nice, smooth, and jazzy with a touch of modernity, very good idea
Sat, Jan 31 8:33 AM diaphane review of I've seen your nights by zensunni
Hi Zensunni, nice to meet you :) Your deep, experimental and melancholic atmosph...
Wed, Jan 28 2:49 AM diaphane review of Think of Nothing by Jeris
It's absolutely delightful !!! And Orrisroot's voice is a perfect choice. I imag...
Wed, Jan 28 2:45 AM diaphane review of Winding Into Gone by Orrisroot
Your voice is delightful !!!
Wed, Jan 28 2:42 AM diaphane review of Light Think by Speck
Absolutely beautiful !!!! Great work with all these sounds and talented musician...
Tue, Jan 27 7:48 AM diaphane review of InsideOutside Chill-out Remix by Xalpheric
Very clear, well-balanced, deep and lovely electronic sound, perfect with Snowf...