Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Reviews left by diaphane

Tue, Sep 9 4:52 AM diaphane review of Music Connects Us - ccMixter promo by spinmeister
Nice voice !
Tue, Sep 9 4:35 AM diaphane review of Music Connects Us (who takes the stick) by Platinum Butterfly
Very good idea :)
Sun, Sep 7 9:51 AM diaphane review of #MusicConnectsUs Promo by Kara Square
Hi ! Very good idea Kara ! It's interesting to listen to spoken voices from ever...
Sun, Sep 7 9:48 AM diaphane review of Piero Peluche Music Connects Us Promo by Piero Peluche
Congratulazioni !! original and great jingle :)
Sun, Sep 7 6:23 AM diaphane review of Music Connects Us (promo) by Doxent Zsigmond
You don't have to be shy , it sounds good :)
Sun, Sep 7 5:51 AM diaphane review of Music Connects Us! by Snowflake
Beautiful spoken voice :)
Thu, Sep 4 12:27 AM diaphane review of Stay (SAW mix) + stems by stellarartwars
Great (perfect) association voice-music !!! It gives me joy this morning. Now I ...
Wed, Sep 3 11:25 PM diaphane review of Machine-Gun by Stefan Kartenberg
Woooowwww!!!! Danke sch#n Stefan!!!! This is beautiful, I love it! And most of a...
Tue, Sep 2 10:16 AM diaphane review of Higher by Snowflake
This time, in french :) Un superbe exemple de hip-hop élégant et positif. Parf...
Mon, Sep 1 10:43 AM diaphane review of Is These What You Felt by IDzeroNo
Great!!! Thanks to beautiful's CSUS song
Fri, Aug 29 12:11 AM diaphane review of Marked .... by VickyDan
Music and voice go together "perfectly" well :)
Fri, Aug 29 12:08 AM diaphane review of Falling by Snowflake
Just beautiful :)
Thu, Aug 28 4:10 PM diaphane review of yet another bass loop in delay by greg_baumont
Nice :) Your song The blue star is great
Thu, Aug 28 4:04 PM diaphane review of 11 PM jazzy impro by greg_baumont
Great :) Make me things about The Virgins , jazzy version
Thu, Aug 28 3:48 PM diaphane review of Thrill_Me by Stefan Kartenberg
A great "musical jewel box" for a nice voice :)