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Reviews left by diaphane

Mon, Jan 12 9:10 AM diaphane review of Maniac (SAW mix) + stems by stellarartwars
You're so creative!!
Mon, Jan 12 9:08 AM diaphane review of Vitamins by Haptic
Such a great and smooth voice :)
Mon, Jan 12 9:05 AM diaphane review of Blabetté de Metz - Psy-Jazz Mix by keytronic
Yeaaaaahhh !!!! C'est super, j'adore! Your beautiful and light, like a "bulle de...
Sat, Dec 27 10:52 AM diaphane review of Low Battery Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great and deep combination with Javolenus
Sat, Dec 27 10:50 AM diaphane review of Dm120-GTR-Riff by Javolenus
I'm sitting with delight in this musical rocking chair !!!!!!
Sat, Dec 27 10:47 AM diaphane review of Eldorado by Doxent Zsigmond
So subtle and elegant sounds ........just like your music :)
Sat, Dec 27 10:40 AM diaphane review of All of the World by CSoul
Beautiful dreamy atmosphere (like in My heart is holding....). Gorgeous guitar a...
Sat, Dec 27 10:35 AM diaphane review of My Heart is Holding 1&2&3 by CSoul
Sat, Dec 27 10:30 AM diaphane review of This is not love by CSoul
Perfect song !!!!!! Once again I do agree with Speck's analysis. Your harmonies ...
Fri, Dec 26 11:59 AM diaphane review of Urgency ( Worked) by Bluemillenium
Great choice of amazing voice and deep & beautiful atmosphère
Fri, Dec 26 11:54 AM diaphane review of Blues Blood. by Bluemillenium
J'en connais un autre qui mixe rêve et réalité , imaginaire et réel :) Super...
Thu, Dec 25 8:04 AM diaphane review of half time for the human race by latopa
You're really talented and your style is original (it's a compliment !!!!) It's...
Mon, Dec 22 12:54 PM diaphane review of 5 elements at the market by latopa
So inventive and brilliant with an excellent rythm and clear sound !!!
Mon, Dec 22 10:45 AM diaphane review of The Session by Robbero
Yeaaaaaah !! It's so interesting to listen to this great musical chain, from Je...
Sun, Dec 21 2:24 PM diaphane review of Bankland by Dan_Mantau
Yeaaaaah !!! Ideal for a funky sunday night, when banks are closed :)