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Reviews left by diaphane

Tue, Jan 27 7:48 AM diaphane review of InsideOutside Chill-out Remix by Xalpheric
Very clear, well-balanced, deep and lovely electronic sound, perfect with Snowf...
Tue, Jan 27 7:42 AM diaphane review of A Moment Of Clarity (Kristian's Departure) by Siobhan Dakay
Lovely smoothy jazz music :)
Tue, Jan 27 7:34 AM diaphane review of one moment by Kristian Skybound
The first part of this song, rythm and guitar is absolutely beautiful !!!!
Tue, Jan 27 7:28 AM diaphane review of black lullaby by Kristian Skybound
Yeaaah Rock'n'roll attitude :) Very interesting remix with Javolenus and your ow...
Wed, Jan 21 5:42 AM diaphane review of Clocky Makes A Difference by Speck
Poetic, out of time and beautiful :)
Wed, Jan 21 5:34 AM diaphane review of This is not Love (it's much more) by spinmeister
Wowww! Just lovely ! I like the rythm and nonchalance very very much; clear and ...
Wed, Jan 21 3:06 AM diaphane review of Drum Loop #017 (093 BPM) by VPD
Thannnks for your nice loop :)
Sat, Jan 17 1:52 PM diaphane review of Black Lullaby (Papillon berceuse) by keytronic
This is absolutely beau-ti-ful !!!! Perfect balance between delicacy,poetry, el...
Fri, Jan 16 11:23 AM diaphane review of Uppers and Downers by charlie_charles
Excellent !!! I'm very proud to be included in your mix with such a beautiful v...
Fri, Jan 16 11:03 AM diaphane review of Snowdaze by Jeris
Just brilliant !
Fri, Jan 16 11:00 AM diaphane review of AM_95 by unreal_dm
Lovely funky groove :)
Fri, Jan 16 10:59 AM diaphane review of Homesick by catayela
Massive attaque musicale and such a beautiful choice of voice. Vachement bien :)
Fri, Jan 16 10:52 AM diaphane review of Vitamins by Jeris
You were made to meet each other !!! Perfect association, smooth and fluid, brav...
Fri, Jan 16 10:47 AM diaphane review of Diamond King feat. Emily Richards by reiswerk
Perfect marriage :)
Fri, Jan 16 10:40 AM diaphane review of Vitamins ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
Such a great (80's ?) groove !!!!