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Reviews left by Dan_Mantau

Sun, Mar 19 11:35 AM Dan_Mantau review of LAST DAZE by Stefan Kartenberg
Call yourself Mr.Groove !
Mon, Feb 27 8:33 AM Dan_Mantau review of Understand Me by texasradiofish
GREAT, should be " ed-picked " !
Sat, Feb 4 12:19 PM Dan_Mantau review of Be What You Are by teamrufeless
nice backing track, but the pella should be louder
Mon, Jan 23 12:47 PM Dan_Mantau review of Neighborhood Girl by Stefan Kartenberg
Sounds like Steven is singing and playing in my living room next to me and my wi...
Thu, Jan 19 1:49 AM Dan_Mantau review of Gang Stalking by Andrew Wainwright
My nephew ( 15 years old ) is in this Situation, which you described well and it...
Wed, Jan 18 5:07 AM Dan_Mantau review of Hypothetically by Doxent Zsigmond
far more work as in my version with a good result PS: Try out the other colo...
Tue, Jan 10 12:33 PM Dan_Mantau review of Better With Age by charlie_charles
nice song with a nice acapella, thanks for discovering...
Tue, Jan 10 12:26 PM Dan_Mantau review of All Of Me(A Late Night Dream Mix) by Alex
It works !
Wed, Dec 28 9:05 AM Dan_Mantau review of Overreacting by Stefan Kartenberg
incredible drums, brilliant instrumentation
Wed, Dec 28 8:51 AM Dan_Mantau review of Merry Christmas Morons by Speck
congrats,you did it again!
Sun, Dec 18 2:51 AM Dan_Mantau review of Hey 2016 by Speck
Great song, great lyrics, not the typical " speckstyle ", sounds like Frank Zapp...
Sun, Nov 6 7:27 AM Dan_Mantau review of Syncopizing Spagnoletta by Speck
nice playing with different reverbs, space and Stereo effects
Sun, Sep 11 3:13 AM Dan_Mantau review of Journey by Mseq
pinkfloydish too short
Tue, Sep 6 12:31 PM Dan_Mantau review of If You Wait by Aussens@iter
very good and tastefull
Sat, Jul 9 11:18 AM Dan_Mantau review of Old Man's Fancy by Stefan Kartenberg
ready to rock