Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

Reviews left by DJ BLUE

Sun, Jan 14 8:08 PM DJ BLUE review of I Wonder by teru
great work. vocals and mood of the track work beautfully. great downtempo mix...
Sun, Jan 7 2:37 AM DJ BLUE review of Hip Hop Etude by fourstones
ambitious mix with all the varied sounds. really well done. tight. nice work! ...
Sun, Jan 7 2:32 AM DJ BLUE review of Plastik by PerlssDj
liked the clean pared down glitchy stuff going on here. nice.
Sat, Dec 30 11:08 PM DJ BLUE review of MindFrag Remix by THERUNNNER
Interesting and ambitous mix. Love the glitchy vibe. There is a lot going on i...
Sat, Dec 30 11:05 PM DJ BLUE review of Prayer for Iraq by Calling Sister Midnight
Clean mix. Nice strings and interesting work on the vocals towards the end of t...
Wed, Dec 27 10:48 PM DJ BLUE review of Otto!.. by bombero
love the feel...sinister!!! would've liked to hear a breakdown of the great el...
Sun, Dec 17 3:20 AM DJ BLUE review of How Soon I Forget (all alone mix) by mattfatt73
Great mellow mix...very cool. Good call in keeping it pretty minimal. It works...
Sun, Dec 17 3:18 AM DJ BLUE review of Metro Ride by Legacy of Revelation
Interesting. The keys work is beautiful with the string section. I might have ...
Sun, Dec 17 3:10 AM DJ BLUE review of Magali, Carol, Bisteca, e Chuleta (com guarana) by shagrugge
This is nice. Love the chopped up R+B vibe. It's dope. Great work, Shagrugge!
Mon, Dec 11 1:58 AM DJ BLUE review of Open your eyes- Long Island Remix by CoffeeTrim
I am feelin that...this is dope. Nice work! -BLUE
Mon, Dec 11 1:30 AM DJ BLUE review of Discreet homecoming by _ghost
beautiful work! a great listen with lots of texture...very cool.
Sat, Dec 9 6:02 PM DJ BLUE review of DEEPR colorZ by thedeepR
love the keys & synth work...really nice. but i have to agree that the beat se...
Sat, Dec 9 3:20 AM DJ BLUE review of Pain and Pleasure by MC Jack in the Box
nice work, J in the B. this is pretty tight and leaves you smiling. i like it....
Sat, Dec 9 3:15 AM DJ BLUE review of Colors Shifting (remix) by stefsax
...interesting stuff. nice to hear a fresh and different approach to the track.
Sun, Dec 3 2:33 AM DJ BLUE review of White in the moon (module's funky crust remix) by module
love the synth and beat...smooth downtempo stuff. i like it. nice work! che...