Reviews left by cdala

Tue, Nov 2 4:42 AM cdala review of Porque by Calling Sister Midnight
Nice mix! By the way...The pella is in Brazilian portuguese language, singed by ...
Thu, Sep 2 5:21 AM cdala review of 1939 by Briareus
Great mix! Nice hear you mang! Freedom, free mind...are the right way to make a ...
Tue, Aug 24 4:57 AM cdala review of Ao Fim do Dia by djolliej
Really good mix! Nice one! Your backingtrack fits so well with the vocals. Congr...
Wed, Aug 18 4:21 AM cdala review of Transatlantico House'teppa by Oficina Musica Digital
Congrats! O projeto é Brazuca? Entre em contato para fazermos algo juntos ou ...
Thu, Apr 8 9:10 AM cdala review of The Final Scene by PorchCat
Nice one! The atmosphere,harmony r really good! Congrats!
Tue, Mar 23 5:48 AM cdala review of I'm A Writer / SM8 by panu
Nice mix man!
Tue, Mar 23 5:35 AM cdala review of Spring the Swing by Papa_Zulu
Congrats! The mix is magnifico mang!Right things in right places,i've enjoyed a ...
Wed, Nov 11 10:41 AM cdala review of Todo Amor do Mundo by texasradiofish
Wow!!! Really nice song mang! U put "Todo Amor do Mundo" in a new level! Grea...
Wed, Nov 11 10:17 AM cdala review of Peace on Earth by wellman
Nice mix ur done here wellman. Really good!
Thu, Nov 5 3:30 PM cdala review of milan by grapes
This mix really trip me out mang! Interesting way to distribute the instruments....
Thu, Nov 5 8:25 AM cdala review of On Earth (secret mix) by Analog By Nature
Nice mix! Really good job you done here!
Sat, Oct 31 2:36 PM cdala review of Carmen by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Nice mix mang! Thx to pick my samples. Keep well!
Tue, Aug 25 10:22 AM cdala review of Filhas Oxum by onlymeith
As I write, I'm listening to the mix ... I liked a lot what you did... Grea...
Tue, Aug 11 7:20 AM cdala review of The Bitter End by Subliminal
Very nice song! Be back soon!
Fri, Jul 17 11:43 PM cdala review of Listen by fourstones
You really make me stop and listen to your mix followed times... You know, when...