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Reviews left by Camburn

Wed, Apr 20 4:18 PM Camburn review of Strike the F### Root by copperhead
Very nice. I really like it. Great vocals and overall sound.
Sat, Apr 9 10:20 PM Camburn review of Seed by copperhead
Beautiful is sort of an understatement but it's all I can think of to say right ...
Fri, Apr 1 12:59 PM Camburn review of Eric Elzière - Flying Away with Lyrics & Vocals by Eric ELZIERE
Aw...thank you so much. Sounds nice *bursts out crying*
Sun, Mar 27 3:43 PM Camburn review of Arabian Inferno by copperhead
Just got off of work and yah this brightened up my little day. I love the music ...
Sat, Feb 26 10:04 AM Camburn review of Camburn - No Surprise by Eric ELZIERE
Very VERY interesting. I like the way you changed the whole entire feel of this ...
Sun, Jan 16 7:51 AM Camburn review of Camburn - Woo Woo Wooooo (I'm On Fire) by Eric ELZIERE
I am blushing at the sexy comment. I really like this too. This is very differen...
Mon, Jan 10 9:37 PM Camburn review of Rock Hard (Electric Withdrawl Mix) by Vidian
Now you know what...I really like this! Makes me want to go to a club ASAP. Didn...
Fri, Jan 7 4:07 PM Camburn review of falling all around by penston
Very cool. I hear myself, lol. Smooooooooooooth. Lol. Nice.
Wed, Jan 5 5:03 PM Camburn review of When We Do by copperhead
Well aren't you just the sweetest. Great job! Really cool song!
Mon, Jul 26 5:11 PM Camburn review of Angel, No Angel ? by copperhead
This is a very pretty mix. When I started listening to it I wanted to sing to it...
Sat, Jul 24 11:13 AM Camburn review of Crank It Up by Alex
I've been meaning to recommend this since I heard it but I was having an issue d...