Holiday Funk & Blues Event

Reviews left by CSoul

Sat, Dec 19 2:59 PM CSoul review of better by sleeperspaceborn
, congrats, peace
Sat, Dec 19 2:57 PM CSoul review of New Earth by reiswerk
WOW , what a composition this needs a great scenario. , peace
Sat, Dec 12 10:38 AM CSoul review of Homesick (Alternative) by trustno1
very nice backing track , just matched with vocals , peace
Sat, Dec 12 10:33 AM CSoul review of Sunday Morning by texasradiofish
Yes , a great production , peace
Sat, Dec 12 10:32 AM CSoul review of Denied by unreal_dm
Agree with Steven , top notch, peace
Sat, Dec 12 10:28 AM CSoul review of All My Days by rocavaco
WOW , very nice , peace
Sat, Dec 12 10:26 AM CSoul review of Maipenrai by Stefan Kartenberg
congrats Stefan ps:this version is my fav. peace
Sat, Dec 12 7:08 AM CSoul review of Stronger But Lightly by Speck
I love that your detection of the samples and using style of them. Thank you my ...
Fri, Nov 27 12:21 PM CSoul review of So Cold by @nop
a pioneer sound , peace
Fri, Nov 27 12:16 PM CSoul review of The Long Chain by Briareus
WOW , A great fiction , peace
Fri, Nov 27 12:13 PM CSoul review of Not to be by Carosone
A Great Subtle Composition , congrats my friend , peace
Tue, Nov 24 2:17 PM CSoul review of Homesick by trustno1
Tue, Nov 24 2:15 PM CSoul review of Out Into The Open (Leafblown Mix) by duckett
OPEN , , peace
Tue, Nov 24 2:13 PM CSoul review of Lament of the Irish Immigrant by Stefan Kartenberg
WOW that's great Stefan , peace
Tue, Nov 24 2:11 PM CSoul review of It's a Long Way Up by Stefan Kartenberg
Congrats my friend , impressive , peace