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Reviews left by CSoul

Mon, Jun 29 1:20 PM CSoul review of Girls Like You Summer Mix by Stefan Kartenberg
Yeah ROCK , , peace
Fri, Jun 26 2:27 PM CSoul review of El Embrujo by texasradiofish
WOW ... This is the best mix for me with this great vocals...Very impressive , ...
Fri, Jun 26 2:19 PM CSoul review of Desaprendere by reiswerk
simple but very enchanting peace
Fri, Jun 26 2:17 PM CSoul review of Feel You by Astral
Nice soundscape with very popular vocals in last times. peace
Fri, Jun 26 2:11 PM CSoul review of The Beach (Vocal Mix) by Astral
Again at the beach , nice remix, peace
Fri, Jun 26 2:09 PM CSoul review of snowflake motherless child slight return by jpeek345
different and interesting, peace
Fri, Jun 26 2:08 PM CSoul review of the beach 2015 mix by Platinum Butterfly
Hey Frank , welcome back again with a great psytrance..., peace
Thu, Jun 25 2:34 PM CSoul review of The Human Aperture by RizKeyG
Opened mind by dark guitar i love too much, peace
Thu, Jun 25 2:28 PM CSoul review of Heal my broken heart by Stefan Kartenberg
Good yes Good Stefan , peace
Thu, Jun 25 2:17 PM CSoul review of El Embrujo ft. La Puerta by reiswerk
i thought this great vocals as a tango , and did it. Your way is a flamenco , i ...
Thu, Jun 25 2:14 PM CSoul review of Artificial by Stefan Kartenberg
Great fiction for a movie congrats Stefan , peace
Thu, Jun 25 2:12 PM CSoul review of Dancing Like A Maniac (Party Mix) by P7R7L5 (DJ Yegor)
Dynamic , useful for the dance floors, peace
Thu, Jun 25 1:50 PM CSoul review of Woof Woof by texasradiofish
Great JAM thanks TRF peace
Sun, Jun 21 3:40 PM CSoul review of Tra La Superstar! by ScOmBer
Ha ha ha , that's very good , peace
Sun, Jun 21 3:38 PM CSoul review of Pulling G's by panu
a masterful production , peace