Reviews left by Bocrew

Sat, Feb 17 8:47 AM Bocrew review of Take the Grail ft Anchor by Apoxode
I really like the vibe great Apoxode !!
Sat, Feb 17 8:37 AM Bocrew review of Ascending (Hexagram 46) by SackJo22
Bravo !! Sackjo, I really like it
Sat, Feb 17 8:36 AM Bocrew review of We have Arrived by Hans Atom
Cool very Great Hans !! Bravo
Thu, Feb 15 2:32 PM Bocrew review of waves and breakers by martinsea
great !!
Fri, Jan 26 1:11 PM Bocrew review of HindSight by RizKeyG
cool Track Great !! RizkeyG
Sat, Dec 16 4:24 AM Bocrew review of Christmas Time Is Here by texasradiofish
Great Texas !! i like the cut mix
Fri, Dec 15 2:05 PM Bocrew review of Speckulation by Apoxode
Great relaxing electro Jazz !!
Fri, Dec 15 12:49 PM Bocrew review of Come On (DuckLactic Mix) by duckett
Great Duckett cool to hear you !!! its been a long time
Thu, Nov 30 10:08 AM Bocrew review of Moodless Refrain (ft. Quiana Nadine) by Apoxode
Great Track Apoxode with a very good composition, Nice great
Wed, Nov 15 9:16 AM Bocrew review of i am a dub (nitrous dub) by Apoxode
Great track Apoxode !!
Mon, Oct 9 2:45 PM Bocrew review of LA FRANCE ET LE PETIT VOYOU by texasradiofish
Thank you Texas for the Remix - Great track !!
Sun, Sep 24 8:30 AM Bocrew review of If You're Not There With Me by texasradiofish
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