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Reviews left by BOCrew

Wed, Aug 11 3:14 AM BOCrew review of Dr. Bruce and the Super Bowl Jews by acrylic bathhouse
Nice song, Thanks
Thu, Mar 4 6:40 AM BOCrew review of All Human by ScOmBer
Nice track song, very nice pad Progression.
Thu, Nov 5 8:10 AM BOCrew review of war & art & love by panu
Thu, Nov 5 8:09 AM BOCrew review of Supersonic by Admiral Bob
Tue, Oct 27 12:02 AM BOCrew review of Crash and Burn (Long Haul Mix) by Briareus
Nice song Great
Sun, Oct 25 2:40 AM BOCrew review of Searching for Lifeforms by Apoxode
Thats Ffunky & Happy Great
Sat, Oct 17 11:31 AM BOCrew review of Seven Doors to the River by texasradiofish
Thats Cool Texas Dope
Sat, Oct 17 11:30 AM BOCrew review of The Cleansing Chains by Radioontheshelf
Fri, Oct 16 8:58 AM BOCrew review of It's ONly Love ! with BOCrew & Antiqcool by Loveshadow
This is track is nice thank again for the samples
Thu, Oct 15 1:14 AM BOCrew review of Un rien suffit by reiswerk
Thank for The remix, cool sound
Thu, Oct 15 1:11 AM BOCrew review of FRAGMENT_PHOTOGRAPHIQUE_._Album by MalreDeszik
Cool Nice song + Thank you
Wed, Oct 14 5:40 AM BOCrew review of Victory by texasradiofish
Funky you used my first track, nice Thank you
Sun, Nov 24 11:45 PM BOCrew review of Endurance (Undertail Coverts Mix) by duckett
it had been a long time since I had heard Duckett! Cool
Sun, Nov 24 11:29 PM BOCrew review of Excuse Me, Miss by Mr_Yesterday
Great !!
Sun, Nov 24 11:24 PM BOCrew review of the march of man by panu
Great, pells Panumoon - i will create a Remix !