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Reviews left by Apoxode

Tue, Apr 27 12:17 PM Apoxode review of Transmutate (with Snowflake) by Mana Junkie
seismic soul ! love it
Sun, Apr 25 8:26 AM Apoxode review of Paycheck by raja_ffm
Wed, Apr 21 3:04 PM Apoxode review of Tippety Tip Tip Tiptoe by Kara Square
Hoo-wee! Two special presents and I'm super happy :) :) So fun and playful, wond...
Mon, Apr 19 8:03 AM Apoxode review of Rodeohead by septahelix
Sweet, excellent build into the double time with a smooth resolution. Right on, ...
Mon, Apr 19 7:54 AM Apoxode review of Light and dark by sparky
Right on, with an Omni Trio vibe, love it :)
Sun, Apr 18 5:55 AM Apoxode review of Wishing Well by Loveshadow
Sweet! I am in love with this song so much right now. While I am eager to learn...
Sat, Apr 17 4:50 AM Apoxode review of CLR36 by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Awesome! I love what you did with stems. Your arrangement is so chill and keeps...
Fri, Apr 16 6:23 AM Apoxode review of Ringer Down by Speck
Oh yeah, lots of different seeds to plant -- many stems to grow :) (Lawn ...
Wed, Apr 14 10:00 PM Apoxode review of I'm Sorry And Goodbye by Speck
Dreamy and suspenseful in parts, with just the right amount of dramatic tension ...
Tue, Apr 13 12:37 PM Apoxode review of DUNE 2 by Hervich
Tue, Apr 13 12:36 PM Apoxode review of MATERNELLE by Hervich
Tue, Apr 13 3:43 AM Apoxode review of chop suey beat by BeatMachine
No worries, there's some full bars that can be isolated ;)
Sun, Apr 11 11:24 PM Apoxode review of CHAOS by Hervich
Sun, Apr 11 11:22 PM Apoxode review of 64_54 by MalreDeszik
Let's figure out how you can convert to FLAC. What operating system do you us...
Sun, Apr 11 11:14 PM Apoxode review of Amnysick by MalreDeszik
What is "ghotic?"