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Reviews left by Apoxode

Mon, Oct 19 11:41 AM Apoxode review of Lifeform 281 by JoeBone
Right on, JoeBone, you caught the vibe :) I like the additions you made, which ...
Sat, Oct 17 12:41 PM Apoxode review of PinkThunder by MalreDeszik
Nice, one of your best tracks yet! I can see all kinds of directions this track ...
Sat, Oct 17 12:30 PM Apoxode review of Lost Watchers by Speck
Chilling and suspenseful, excellent synth design and production. Perfect for any...
Sat, Oct 17 12:24 PM Apoxode review of STAY ยง MIX OF THE DAY by BOCrew
Very cool, we love SackJo22 :)
Fri, Oct 16 5:09 PM Apoxode review of Night by Da_nil
Please upload the stems for this track.
Thu, Oct 15 10:43 PM Apoxode review of Howl e'en by Speck
Awesome spooky-ness :) Groovy ghost jam, nicely balanced and lively, so much fun...
Thu, Oct 15 10:26 PM Apoxode review of You've Lost My Everything synth & vocals by JoeBone
Hi JoeBone, any chance you could separate the synth from the vocals, I do see yo...
Thu, Oct 15 10:21 PM Apoxode review of We Are The Dead (Shakespeare Mix) by JoeBone
Very cool remix, JoeBone! I'm wondering, is it uploaded twice to be a part of...
Sun, Oct 11 2:57 PM Apoxode review of We Are The Dead by Speck
Nice, I love the gothic spookiness to it, tied together with your unique style :...
Sun, Oct 11 2:52 PM Apoxode review of In With The Blue by septahelix
Awesome downtempo! Good sub-work and great glitching with the guitar :)
Sun, Oct 11 1:33 PM Apoxode review of ONE by BeatMachine
Diggin' the flanging beat :)
Thu, Oct 8 5:44 PM Apoxode review of Acid Wish by Kraftamt
N.i.c.e. Diggin' the Harthouse vibe, this track is catchy! Good work with the ...
Mon, Oct 5 3:11 PM Apoxode review of The Tree Is Wiser by Speck
Avant garde madness! :) All of the bleeps and boops work to establish a disinte...
Sat, Oct 3 2:10 AM Apoxode review of The Dreams Were The Best Part by Speck
Awe-some, with the slow vibrato on some of the instruments it completes a feveri...
Sat, Oct 3 2:05 AM Apoxode review of Erdaniz by MalreDeszik
Nice range of sounds to play with -- well done, MalreDeszik!