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Reviews left by Apoxode

Sun, Apr 5 7:40 AM Apoxode review of Head Run (Darkness Failure Me Dub) by Bredren Tek
Nice! Excellent use of dynamics, spacing, and stereo panning. A rich, sonic expe...
Sun, Apr 5 7:29 AM Apoxode review of Coming Home by Snowflake
Super sweet! Thank you for this, inspirational in a very dark time.
Sat, Apr 4 7:41 AM Apoxode review of Little Jam by Stefan Kartenberg
Wonderful, takes me to a tropical beach, hope I remembered the sunscreen :)
Fri, Apr 3 7:33 AM Apoxode review of Sacred Cows & Flypaper by Whitewolf
L❤VE this! So rich and spectral, the stems are awesome -- thank you, Whitewol...
Wed, Apr 1 7:48 AM Apoxode review of blessing #5 by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Very sweet (and cute too), it has Mother's Day/Mom's birthday video written all ...
Tue, Mar 31 4:33 PM Apoxode review of Tuesday by gummerstreet
Nice! Lo-fi chillwave, done well :)
Tue, Mar 31 8:53 AM Apoxode review of Lockdown_Song by Stefan Kartenberg
Nice! Great energy, this very stimulating. I like the brush swells, they help p...
Mon, Mar 30 7:22 AM Apoxode review of What is love for robot by ifangoodmusic
Need to upload the stems, this is just the mix!
Mon, Mar 30 7:20 AM Apoxode review of Play That Game by Kraftamt
Super sweet, I know she'll be pleased :)
Sun, Mar 29 11:01 AM Apoxode review of Good And Evil Is Evil by septahelix
Heavy duty tracker work! Bright and manic pacing, bursting with energy. Awe-some...
Sun, Mar 29 8:13 AM Apoxode review of Blue Windows by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice and mellow, my favorite part is that sweet bass solo :)
Sun, Mar 29 8:09 AM Apoxode review of Jogo a Vera by Jeris
Awesome, I love that rhythm, very catchy :)
Sun, Mar 29 8:01 AM Apoxode review of Ill Tempered Electro Jazz Jam by Speck
Great energy -- I like all of your additions, they round out the remix well. Wo...
Sat, Mar 28 3:38 PM Apoxode review of Jam after brunch by Stefan Kartenberg
Sweet jazzy goodness!
Sat, Mar 28 3:33 PM Apoxode review of Pressure (featuring CourtneyOdom) by Jeris
Awesome groove, kind to the head, good for the soul :)