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Reviews left by Apoxode

Thu, Feb 14 3:18 PM Apoxode review of Hollow Wallowing by Speck
Crazy fun, through and through! Some of my favorite moments are the dramatic pau...
Thu, Feb 14 2:56 PM Apoxode review of Laziness and Depression by septahelix
Funky and edgy! I like the title, it got me thinking, they do go together so wel...
Wed, Feb 13 11:39 AM Apoxode review of Empire Of Jungle (Nude version) by SergioDag
Hey there! This is sounding great -- just need the stems. :)
Tue, Feb 12 7:25 PM Apoxode review of 4 12 strings by Stefan Kartenberg
Sounds amazing! Nice performance. :)
Tue, Feb 12 7:23 PM Apoxode review of positive idea by musicpoint
Sounding good -- just need for you to upload the stems. Fully mixed tracks aren'...
Mon, Feb 11 5:02 PM Apoxode review of Make America Trip Again by septahelix
Very nice -- epic jazzy dnb. It has a Herbie Hancock edge to it, I like it a lot...
Mon, Feb 11 2:10 PM Apoxode review of Liberian Girl by Zep Hurme
Whoa! This is incredible -- everything about it is so good! Would be able to sha...
Mon, Feb 11 2:06 PM Apoxode review of Room 14 by Stefan Kartenberg
Great remix! I also like your new avatar -- did you draw it?
Sun, Feb 10 5:11 AM Apoxode review of Future Window Lost by Speck
Very cool! I like what you did with the stems -- they sound great. Many thanks f...
Sat, Feb 9 5:47 AM Apoxode review of Lying Down For Lucien by Radioontheshelf
Well done! I must admit, I was both surprised and not surprised to learn that Lu...
Sat, Feb 9 5:20 AM Apoxode review of Strum and Strummer by septahelix
Brilliant remix -- it flows nicely with innovation. Well done! :)
Sat, Feb 9 5:15 AM Apoxode review of Sideshow by Stefan Kartenberg
Very headbanging -- I believe we clocked you at 11! :)
Fri, Feb 8 4:45 AM Apoxode review of Déjà Vu Pella by Scomber
Very nice! Thank you for uploading the stem. I really like what you guys are doi...
Thu, Feb 7 4:31 PM Apoxode review of crows by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Crows are my favorite kind of bird. I like their swagger and the way they call t...
Wed, Feb 6 12:53 PM Apoxode review of Smokers Are Ugly by Speck
Genius! I really like what you did with the stems, they sound great! :)