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Reviews left by Apoxode

Thu, Jun 1 3:36 PM Apoxode review of New Pigeon Look by septahelix
Delicate touch with the blending, makes this quite immersive! Love the first br...
Thu, Jun 1 3:26 PM Apoxode review of Flying Fleet by Speck
So sweet to the ears, a genre blending type of downtempo. This goes places :)
Mon, May 29 9:45 PM Apoxode review of Signos by Hieron
Epic and energetic, nicely done :)
Mon, May 29 9:43 PM Apoxode review of Baby - 90s Soul Track by JansMusic
Sweeet groove, diggin the housey touch :)
Sun, May 28 2:30 PM Apoxode review of Beautiful Cave by septahelix
Rolling sweetly :) Good to hear from you!
Sun, May 28 2:27 PM Apoxode review of Take Off Yer Carousel by Speck
So much fun! The art of chance, and it sounds great, I guess it's the selection ...
Thu, May 18 8:53 AM Apoxode review of VPD - Going Down by VPD
Cool beatz, love the change up :)
Fri, May 12 4:43 PM Apoxode review of Midnight Service by Speck
I love jazz like this, it's alternately whimsical and serious, with a sublime tw...
Wed, May 10 11:24 AM Apoxode review of Digital Me by Buy_the_Field
Sweet, now we're talking! The clean synths and great vox make this one more pala...
Tue, May 9 9:53 AM Apoxode review of Resolved by Robbero
Shredded! Interesting transformation ;) Bumpin beat too ! Thank you for the in...
Tue, May 9 9:46 AM Apoxode review of Your Perceived Uneasy Alliance by Speck
Nice one! Lots of sparks :) Thank you for icluding me!
Fri, May 5 10:14 PM Apoxode review of Apocalypse by Robbero
Well done! Good choice for the main loop :) Thank you for using my samples!
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