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FORENSIC (4nsic):

Reviews left by FORENSIC

Tue, Apr 13 6:57 PM FORENSIC review of Nothin Like This Before (Produce Game remix) by ProduceGame
YO this sick man... Hey sorry for the delay on those tracks.. check your email I...
Fri, Apr 2 5:00 PM FORENSIC review of Had A Vision by Blake
Wow... this is jammin..One of my favorite remixes youve done.. Nice
Mon, Mar 8 5:41 PM FORENSIC review of It's Time (Produce Game remix) by ProduceGame
Damn this is jammin.. nice mix.. Really likeing what you are doing with our pell...
Thu, Mar 4 6:13 PM FORENSIC review of This is Our Music (Produce Game remix) - 4nsic ft. Sol by ProduceGame
Wow... loving the beats bro and the vocals are right on sync.. Also really like ...
Wed, Mar 3 8:23 PM FORENSIC review of Don't Get it Twisted (Produce Game remix) by ProduceGame
yo this is nice.. Beenaway from the comp for a while so let me check some of you...
Wed, Feb 10 5:42 PM FORENSIC review of HANDS UP by Alex
damn man... this is groovin.. excellent!!!!
Fri, Feb 5 8:28 PM FORENSIC review of Get Your Money by Blake
thanks for the remix. the beat is tight, but it doesn't match yp with my first v...
Thu, Jan 28 9:09 PM FORENSIC review of MR LIQUOR STORE_MAN by Kruzzial
wow... this is banging... nice beat
Thu, Jan 28 9:03 PM FORENSIC review of Walking Across The Drum (Hook Arm Salute Mix) by cubikiller
That beat is nice man... thanks for the compliment... Really like what you did w...
Sat, Jan 23 10:10 PM FORENSIC review of Bars by Blake
love the beat man and the break downs.. also really like the cobain "boom" good ...
Wed, Jan 20 11:11 AM FORENSIC review of Murder by Kruzzial
damn that is hot... really like the scratchin going on in the backround..
Sat, Jan 9 3:11 PM FORENSIC review of Amped Up by Blake
wow... so sick...thanks for all the great remixes... you definatly got some nice...
Thu, Jan 7 9:28 PM FORENSIC review of All I Do by Blake
beat is jammin.. sorry about the bells in the 2nd verse i forgot to mute them......
Tue, Jan 5 9:37 PM FORENSIC review of I'm Not There by Blake
dope beat man.. vocal right on cue..
Tue, Jan 5 9:33 PM FORENSIC review of Get on it by Blake
damn man...that was jammin.. nice track