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Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

“If we are the trees, words are our roots; and we grow as we write.”
~Munia Khan

Rooted Rising Secret Mixter is a special event that takes us into both the past and future of remixing with a deep awareness of where we’ve come from…where our roots have been nourished with the history of Creative Commons… and where the branches of our creativity are reaching for new light.

Our founders were futurecasting to the place where music and culture thrive, and we’ve proved their vision again and again. In our ccMixter community, our roots are strong through our collaboration, and we are raising the level of creative sharing with each contribution we give and receive.

In 2004, Fourstones designed ccMixter to navigate the dramatic impacts of internet culture and its effects on music creation. As we celebrate our 17th birthday, those roots are embedded in the history of our music and intertwined within the expansion of internet culture itself. There is no denying the impact ccMixter has had on music creation. And that legacy is crucial now as we’re moving beyond what we thought possible. WE ARE STILL HERE.

Where are we going now? We’re rising up into a new future of remixing using the tools and licensing platforms that enable sharing, licensing and Attribution. The Plus Program is our community’s licensing platform taking us to another level of freedom for artists and listeners to share music in ways that reflect the expansion of creative content across the web. We’re planting new seeds that will root and grow, just like we did at the birth of 17 years ago. Email Admin to sign up!

Like a seed, the possibilities of music generation are inherent in YOUR kernels of creativity and imagination. What ccMixter provides is a fertile ground where the roots of our individual talents connect, as our branches of inspiration reach for new heights.

The secret is in the sharing. We are a forest of sound and we are breaking new ground with gifts of music to each other and the world. Thank you for supporting ccMixter through your creative contributions and your financial support. We need both to keep thriving!

Together, let’s Root and Rise!

Listen as a playlist HERE

The sign up period for this mixup is closed. The mixup particpants should be uploading right now(!)