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How I Did It

Prayer for Iraq
by Calling Sister Midnight
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Sat, Dec 30, 2006 @ 10:15 AM

Tools I Used

audacity, reason

Samples I Used

I used the lovely and textural "Freedom" from Snowflake, and I used Tim Rayborn's middle eastern loop pack -- then found a couple of other sound specifics from freesound.

Original Samples

I created a drum track to underline elements of a standard 120 bpm house loop from reason. The trance bubble is one I found with a program called findsounds that goes and finds free audio files on the net. I used it in a modal piece already and wanted to try it again.


I imported all samples into reason and either placed them via keyboard or visually on the timeline. Once the remix was set, I exported it and fine-tuned the ending in audacity.

Other Notes

I completed the remix while the gallows groaned under Saddam's weight. Though I did not intend it as a prayer, it became one because of this synchonicity. I offer it as a prayer -- not only for Iraq and hopes for freedom from ALL oppression including the current occupation by US troops -- but I offer it as a prayer for the soul of a tyrant. May his spirit never darken the earth again.