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How I Did It

Koob's Dream of Freedom (Unc'd)
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Wed, Dec 6, 2006 @ 6:51 AM

Tools I Used

free vst-plugs:
- papaya (synth vst from www.tweakbench.com)
- EffEm (synth vst from www.krakli.co.uk)
- Impulse v 3.10 (synth vst from www.bojo-software.com)
- Bitcrusher v 1.01 (fx from cmt.siba.fi)
- Voxengo Voxformer (fx from www.voxengo.com)

Samples I Used

Freedom by Snowflake hosted on www.ccmixter.org
Words of Power hosted on freesound.iua.upf.edu
True Freedom by Rev. Dr. John Witkop hosted on www.archive.org
Freedom of Expression by Jim Herrel hosted on www.archive.org
Yeah! by Unc-Inc

Original Samples

Most significant samples of this track are made available in the sample section of ccmixter.org check by tag 'unc-inc'. Case you require additional samples from this track leave a message on the related review thread of the sample section.


It's been a while that I was playing around with the idea to use Levin J's Words of Power in a remix. But even if this sample was on my harddisk for many months I really had no idea about possible contexts in which I could use it.

By end of november I had the idea to do a track which should tell a story. Aren't we all storytellers (...or let's say 'modern' minnesingers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_von_der_Vogelweide)?

Well, THIS story is about Mr. Koob, a man with a dull, flat and automated life, a man with need of freedom....
Once I had the story to tell in mind it was much easier to translate this story into music; dinally there resulted 5 sequences: Mr. Koob finishs work at the fabric / Mr. Koob comes home / Mr. Koob has diner / Mr. Koob starts to dream while watching TV / Mr. Koob is free... (Would be cool to make a video-clip from this story)

Paralelly to the sequencing I made also a research on samples which I wanted to use for the vocal part. THIS time Levin J's 'Words of Power' matched the context. After an additional search on ccMixter.org and archive.org for the tag 'freedom' I decided to use also Freedom by Snowflake together with some samples taken from 'True Freedom' by Rev. Dr. John Witkop and 'Freedom of Expression by Jim Herrel' (later I discarded the sources from archive.org -->see Other Notes)

Other Notes

Intentionally I didn't use any kind of drum-breaks/rulls between sequence changes. Instead I preferred to leave blank, to use a voice sample or an synth fx. This gives -anyway- the wanted suspence and overall the track sounds more 'fluid'.
I had some real cool slices taken from the 'True Freedom' and 'Freedom of Expression' speeches, but -sadly- I had to face that these sample's quality was poor and that even if filtered and cleaned they were not usable for this track :-(
FX on Levin J's and on my voice (the 'Yeah!'): Bitcrusher, Chorus, Reeverb, Stereo, EQ
FX on Snowflake's voice: Chorus, Reverb, EQ, Delay