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How I Did It

Life of Luxury (Mo's mix)
by Mo
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Sun, Aug 27, 2006 @ 11:34 AM
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Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

This one was done entirely with Logic Pro, a midi controller, and a mouse.

Samples I Used

Boy... I don't know how many gigabytes worth of drum hits, loops and solos I have... I usually find a loop I like and chop it into its individual beats then rearrange it to my liking... I've been doing that since I started making jungle tracks on Impulse Tracker! ;)

Original Samples

Everything but the individual drum hits, the chopped up Latin beat and the vocals.


It started with a sound that never made it into the final track, actually. I found a Middle Eastern chant, stuck it on loop, pulled up the rhodes (on Logic) and had myself a little jam session; the chord progression came out of that. I put a basic beat under it and thought it needed a bit more interest, so I found a good Latin loop to go underneath it. The loop didn't fit, due to tempo differences, so instead of stretching it I just decided to chop it up into bits of two or three hits a piece and rearrange it, into an eight bar loop, and that's why it has an interesting shuffle to it. I would have liked to do some more variation within the piece in order to make it more interesting/less repetitive, but keeping it simple brings the listener's focus to the vocals. I would have also liked to take the original chant the beat is based around and drop it into Serato Scratch Live. Maybe I'll resubmit a new edit in the future. I often have to tell the perfectionist in me to "shutup" and "just let the track go, already." My tracks never feel 100% complete to me.

Other Notes

To anyone using Logic:

I highly suggest downloading the AU SupaTrigga. Everything from subtle variation to complete aural mangling at your finger tips. Think of it like Recycle on the fly.

Also, get some use out of that bit crusher distortion. I use it on many, many things, especially drums and basses. It's awsome... and sometimes painful! :)