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How I Did It

Into the Blue
by musikpirat
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Sun, Jun 5, 2022 @ 2:42 AM


At about 3:25 "Possibility" has a break with a solid broken beat. I started playing with beat and the bassline taken from "Early in the morning (revisited)" and wanted to mash both into a nice breakbeat track. Well, that did not work out.

Eventually I cutted the sequence and started to create new breakbeats - they are now at the beginning of the song and somewhere in the middle.

The "I just gonna say" vocal sounded as if would make a nice pair with "Darkness", "Chaos" and "Light", but I was not able to remove the bass line from Kara's Voice, so I had to cut those words from the original pella.

Back to the bass from "Early in the morning (revisited)". It did not really fit any longer, so I converted it into a midi pattern and tried how it would sound played with some other instrument. Did not work out either, so I took the bass itself and played a new melody. This melody finds its counterpart in the "anthem" style synthesizer sound created with Vital.

Finally I found that a solid 4 to the floor beat would fit better than the breakbeats. But giving them up totally? No way!

Last but not least I took a drone from "Possibility", removed some frequencies and klicks and gave it some melodics structure.

And here we are...