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How I Did It

Insane Dad
by Minus Kelvin
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Wed, May 24, 2006 @ 5:29 AM

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Reason, Audacity, LIVE, standard plugins and devices in these softwares. I now usually ReWire Reason into LIVE when making tracks. I also used logic and reason in the old-school sense.... :)

Samples I Used

I use the almost all of the samples provided for the contest. The loops were actually difficult to deal with. I purposefully refrained from listening to the original music so I would be able to write my version without influence. Other samples I used were from libraries of samples I either recorded by myself or from growing collection of licensed loop packages.

Original Samples

I generally don't like to use loops straight up. In general, I get loops just for the drum samples and program my own beats using REX or some other slicing technique. However, sometimes I want a "natural" sounding beat and will rely on the actual groove of the sample. In this track, the jazz swing beat is kept largely intact, but I modify it's tempo in various places and artistically cut it up to suite my needs.


The piece evolved over a period of 3 weeks morphing through several contrasting stages. At one point it sounded like it was from bollywood.

Other Notes

Still, the most difficult thing in making e-music is getting the final mix properly balanced and full without using too many effects. My music tends to be complex, but in general, I strive to keep the complexity within very tightly defined boundaries of control. As a result, I tend to tweak things until I am nearly insane.

One more thing. The name of the track is a play on words. Sanidade to me sounds like "Sane Dad". So, I made an "Insane Dad" track. I hate naming tracks....