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Yage Cameras (cinematrik's fr...
by cinematrik
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Wed, May 17, 2006 @ 10:47 PM

Tools I Used

I sequenced everything in Logic, and so I used the Logic synths a lot (the main rhodes sound is the EVP88), I also used Battery to play the cut up drum samples, and I heavily used Reaktor to make all the granulated atmosphere samples...and the strings are the East West orchestra library.

Samples I Used

I used a lot of the drum samples from the crammed sample packs - I just went through and picked out snare, hat and kick sounds and then imported those into Battery. I also used a conga loop from the samples as well as picking out some of the clap sounds and building a loop out of those. I obviously used the Yage Cameras vocals, as well as a tremendously slowed down "noite" from Noite de Carnaval (slowed down in Kontakt).

I also use their clav samples, both for the main delayed clav sound (the wah-wah-wah-wah.... sound at the beginning) and I granulated the big clav solo section to create a great atmospheric sound. I also granulated the vocals quite a bit in Reaktor, and then ran them through a reverse convolution reverb in Logic's Space Designer to kind of blur them out.

As an aside, I started doing this as a "poor man's" kyma ;-), as I hear BT and JunkieXL using their big kyma systems to create the same sort of effect (a great example of this is in Junkie's coldplay remix - he said he used the kyma on the vocal track and the guitar solo to create all that great atmosphere in the beginning - it's a really cool sounding blurred type effect)

Original Samples

When I wasn't using the crammed samples, I created parts in Logic. The bass is the ES1 mono synth in Logic, the electric piano is the EVP88, the strings are the East West orchestra, the deeper kik drum is from Reaktor. I'm sure there's a couple more parts I'm forgetting right now, but they were done either with the Logic synths, or with a Native Instruments synth.


Just started piecing stuff together in Logic. I started with the delayed clav part and the drums, and then just built up the textures as I went, adding more and more stuff.

Once I had all the parts in place and mixed, then I bussed out the drums/bass, the vox, and everything else onto 3 busses and ran them through some of the Universal Audio compressor plugins I have (like the LA2A model). This kind of helps everything out a bit without resorting to multiband compression on the master fader, which is usually what I do.

Other Notes

I kind of wanted to do a real "chill" version but also have enough going on that you could really listen to if you wanted. The Apollo voice samples were great to work with, as they create a great vibe and are beautiful...I hope you enjoy it :-)