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How I Did It

by gurdonark
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Sun, Jul 8, 2018 @ 4:45 AM

Tools I Used software: Noiser

Samples I Used

The listed only Onlymeith samples


I added the three tracks to the sounds folder of Noiser, and created numerous samples. I edited down three of those, merged them together, and created this mix. Noiser is a bit generative, applying algorithms to apply effects to samples in an unpredictable way. This is the result of a noiserfying of onlymeith.

Other Notes

I miss, a bit, the chaotic mixes of my first mixes at ccMixter, when I usually used offbeat software to create chaos.
I have changed a lot since then, but I have a lot of this kind of thinking left in me--not experimental, exactly, but respectful of a kind of off-kilter dabble in dissonance.