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How I Did It

She's Changing
by Admiral Bob
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Sat, May 5, 2018 @ 8:27 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Garageband, Zoom H2N, Fender Telecaster, a Precision Bass, and a Yahama P Series piano.

Samples I Used

Jason's vocal

Original Samples

the gang vocal, an organ part, a Rhodes piano part, a bass part, drums, and an electric guitar lead.


I played a simple piano part and looped it, so I'd have a chord structure to work with.

I did the gang vocal just once and then placed it after every "she's changing."

I added a drum part, edited out some of the hi-hat that I didn't like, then looped it.
The first part I played all the way through was the bass and got a groove happening. I yanked the piano for the groovy segment.

I played the organ all the way through next.

Then I played the piano and drums for the "groovy" segment.

The last thing I did was play the guitar part. Doing the fill-in riffs - here's the trick I do: I play while staring at the waveform of the singer's part. When there are holes I play and pace the riff so I'm done before the waveform starts again. This way I don't have to be super familiar with the way the singer is singing the part, in order to sound like a guitar player who knows it.

Other Notes

Turned out good, I think. Thought I'd share some of my methods.