Perfect Harmony Remix Event

How I Did It

Paint the sky (feat. MissJudg...
by Painfulcompanion
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Mon, Aug 21, 2017 @ 6:08 PM

Tools I Used

Cubase5, Onboard-Plugins: Embracer(Strings)/HalionOne(HammondOrgan) 3.partyPlugs:AD-AddictiveDrums/Atmossphere. Guitars:Purely a cheap chinese bass (i swear) no other guitars used. ('til now)


As always... wrote this song a couple of weeks ago, then turned to CCm and searched for the fitting vocals.

Other Notes

It's always a pure joy to search and use samples of every kind from cc-mixter. It always leaves me stunned with goosebumps....serious !!! Thanks for this great community !