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How I Did It

So Sad
by Quarkstar
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Mon, Jan 16, 2017 @ 8:19 AM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Bass, Ample Sounds Bass P Lite
Drums, Native Instruments, Studio Drummer
Bell, Native Instruments Kontakt, Kinetic Metal, Humming Top
Organ, Native Instruments Kontakt, Vintage Organs, Funky Kingston
Lead Keys, Cableguys Curve 2, Drama Keys
Rhythm Keys, U-He, Diva,AZ Control

Limiter, FabFilter Pro-L
Distortion, FabFilter Saturn
Tape Echo, FabFilter, Timeless
Pitch Correction, Celemony, Melodyne
Console Emulation Sonimum, Statson
Airwindows -
Gain: Purest Gain
Vocals: LeadVox
Console Emulation, Channel 4
MixDesk Emulation, Console 4

Thanks to Airwindows for amazing free plugins.


The tune started when I was experimenting with some polyrhythms using the drums (13 beats to the bar). Then the Bass line came along which is 1/8 Triplets. Next I aded vocals, then the melody came along. At this point I removed the polyrhythm drums since the beat was getting too complex to follow and replaced them with a 4/4 beat. The lead is 1/4 Triplets and the drums are on 8/8 beats. The Organ part was added last to add some mid to the tune.

The vocals come from 2012 and had never been mixed on ccmixter.

The bass swing is given by using different note lengths, the notes are right on the beats. Took me a while to figure that out.

I wanted a tune that was compelling yet dark.
The first section comes from my experiments with polyrhythmic beats. The melody and rhythm are emphasised with delays.

My first time using pitch correction on the vocals and forced them to D minor.

When I wrote this I was helping a friend through emotional abuse and some of my anger and frustration has gone into the tune.