Perfect Harmony Remix Event

How I Did It

Shadows in the Hourglass
by Admiral Bob
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Sat, Nov 15, 2014 @ 11:22 PM

Tools I Used

Garageband, iRig HD, Les Paul, SM 58, Akai LPD 8 Midi drum controller, Korg Nanokey2.

Samples I Used

So going through TRF's sources, I found two pieces that, when fit together, sounded totally fantastic. They were already the same tempo, so it was not hard to just hear them together and say "wow!"

Original Samples

I added some percussion to the Brazillian mix percussion, I did a guitar part, and the vocal. Oh there's an organ too, added by Korg Nanokey2.


Put the two TRF pieces together, looped them to a length of about 3 minutes, and extended out the drums a bit. I weaved some percussion and organ in and out, then did a vocal. Then I added some guitar colouring, because it all sounded too much like Santana not to, really.

Other Notes

Knowing Texasradiofish already had a fondness for latin I set out not only to use their music, but to actually do something they might like. I hope they did like it?