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How I Did It

Soundless Approaching (feat. ...
by Dj Knysle
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Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 11:59 AM

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

KXStudio Linux, Claudia
Ardour3, ZynAddSubFX, Hydrogen, Audacity, JAMin

Samples I Used

from ccMixter:
snowflake - Closer Now (pell)

kidjazz - cold beat

Morusque - 290710 drums abstract 02

reverse 100 Marcos Olivia Ac. guitar loop.wav from ccMixStar Sample Packs - Funky Hip Hop Sample Packs

Ch0cchi - FEMALE GIGGLE.wav

Original Samples

All pads, bass, guitars, most beats.
Dj Knysle - low_beat0

Dj Knysle - break_beat0


While learning Ardour3 midi automation I tried to write some notes for ZynAddSubFX synth to perform (all connected through JACK) [pad ambient]. At first it sounded static so some filter automation (performed by ZynAddSubFX) made it less boring. Then captured sound from synth to Ardour3 as a new stereo track.
Next I transposed mostly the same notes for ZynAddSubFX to play [string pad]. Similar process for [bass], bender and filter automated too. Added some drums (captured with Ardour from Hydrogen + cut samples).
At his time I found 100bpm Closer Now by snowflake and decided to use this vocal.
Guitar loops were made by me jamming with acoustic guitar and cutting interesting parts later in hundreds of places. Then putting them in separate slightly panned tracks and adjusting timing. Added echo and slight reverb for Guitars and vox buses, more reverb length in chorus.
For chorus, decided to create different harmony so composed it with piano first and then made [string pad2] again with ZynAddSubFX.

All this was done using a pair of headphones and sounded OK using them on single machine, but awful anywhere else, so tried to use JAMin to do some mastering.

Other Notes

Started as a simple musical idea while learning Ardour basics and it went quite far. The ending is kinda weak and song needs professional mastering, not me dabbling around powerful JAMin without proper knowledge.
Best part for me is captivating string harmony structure in choruses.
Now it's repeating in my head.

Because of auto-tagging issue had to choose between naming track with (feat. snowflake) vs adding snowflake to featuring list.