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How I Did It

talk_2_mice_elf (dysFunk v2)
by duncan_beattie
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Sat, Mar 11, 2006 @ 2:47 PM

Uses samples from:

Samples are used in:


Tools I Used

Pretty much the whole thing was done in GarageBand, with a little bit of arseing around on my bass.

Samples I Used

a bunch of cuts from dysfunctional

Original Samples

the piano & horns were played on my laptop keyboard, bass was jammed out on a real one then transcribed onto computer. Drums were a bloody nightmare to code, and again written directly in GarageBand. Oh and a tabla sample I made some time back.


One Sunday Morning as I was building my fire I had the kendra parts (used in my previous effort dysFunk) going round in my head. They began to fall apart in a rather nice way, so after the fire was going, back to the chopping board I went.
After some slice&dice action I got the 'So What' loop going on a 100bpm track and layed down the piano. When it came to putting on drums I upped the bpm to 200 hoping to get something kinda squarepusher (hey a man can dream :p).
Once I had the two drum tracks I looped them and wrote the bass line. Added some distortion and phasers to asome drum parts to act as incidentals then threw on the horns. The wah track is a tabla sample put through an amp simulation and a soft gate then an autoWah.
As ever, final mastering was done through my 5.1 speakers, by this time the fire was almost out.

Other Notes

Overall this track has a nice vibe IMHO, however it is a bit lacking in direction, some of the drops seem a bit forced and the dynamics could use a little tweaking.
The Kendra track is, as most of hers are, rich pickings for scavengers and I don't think I'm done with this one yet.