Rise from the Ashes Event

How I Did It

red chester jingle blues (fel...
by gmz
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Sun, Sep 16, 2012 @ 9:27 AM

Tools I Used

The base setup is a 9-tracks Ableton Live project. Most plug-ins are Ableton bundled or in Max for Live, while others involved are:

PSP (Nitro, Mix Saturator, Vintage Warmer)
iZotope Ozone
AfroDJMac Gibson Ebow Pad (http://bit.ly/dOd1ps)

Samples I Used

As this was a secret mixter, every sample comes from Nethis (main jingle and guitars). Drums are sampled from Nethis files and assembled with some KJ Sawka's MIDI and drum packs ( free download on http://www.ableton.com/library/kj-sawka ).

Original Samples

Ebow and bass lines.


First came the jingle. Started sampling every time shorter until it was obsessive enough. Next I started playing on pitched reverbs and echoes to let it shift around. And then every sampled thing from Nethis files just piled up!