How I Did It

by Admiral Bob
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Sat, Jul 10, 2010 @ 7:47 AM

Uses samples from:


Tools I Used

Fender p-Bass, Yamaha organ, BOSS DR-880, Fender Telecaster

Samples I Used

snowflake's vocals and piano, spinningmerkaba's two acoustic parts.

Original Samples

I laid down a bass, drum part, organ, and two electric guitars.


I started with the drum part, added the organ and put it through a long church reverb, then put down the bass and guitars.

Since the song had been powered up a little, I thought I'd try and take spinningmerkaba's acoustic lead, and turn it into an electric lead.

I put a phaser on it, compressor, a stereo delay, and a 2000 ms reverb. Then I EQed it with a Marshall amp profile. It doesn't quite sound like any electric I've heard, but to a non-guitarist's ears it might be passable.

After mixing it, I put it through a spectral analyzer and found it was already fairly balanced, so I didn't EQ it. I did, however put it through Sheppi, and tweaked the width and depth a bit. I then compressed it and limited it... carefully, so as not to kill the dynamics. It is still a little quiet, but like I said, the dynamics!

Other Notes

Turned out alright, I think?