Time of Terror Remix Event

How I Did It

After the War
by SackJo22
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Sun, Mar 21, 2010 @ 1:22 AM

Tools I Used

Magix Music Maker 14
Seinhauser E835

Samples I Used


Original Samples

My vocals


I wanted to create a track that captured some of the violence and power of war. I used Alex's "Murderer" track as the foundation. I cut pieces of percussion hits from his "Sacrafice" and "Dream of You Tracks," added lots of effects to simulate blasts and bursts of explosions and gun fire. I sought for a horn sample that would bring the blare of conflict into the mix. The vocals were inspired by The Andrews Sisters -- I was thinking of those tight, war-time harmonies. I sort of exceeded the three-part harmonies of The Andrews Sisters -- at certain points there are up to 10 vocal parts. And of course, I called on Haskel to add some dramatic flare with his fine guitar playing.