How I Did It

Biodiesel Family (acoustic Ha...
by Snowflake
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Wed, Jan 13, 2010 @ 12:04 PM

Tools I Used

ProTools, 003 Rack, ATK4060

Samples I Used

All ccM samples :)

Original Samples

6 backing vocals tracks.


laid in smerkaba's acoustic track and matched to his lead vocal. inserted a solo section in the song after the second chorus. cut up acoustic, slide and electric tracks to create little 'hooks' in the chorus. sang two low doubles along with smerkaba to give breadth to his vocal. sang more harmony tracks, panned and paired. inserted SackJo (i love the way she sings that line) and Anchor & Panu, and sang along with them. added my own sample 'harmony' and put through a phaser. sparse acoustic instrumentation on first mix, with hopes to add more musical production later.

Other Notes

it seems to me, people want to make a difference in areas important to them, but half of the time is spent arguing within the various groups themselves and never get it together enough to unify and make a change. hopefully this track will remind the NBB and other folks they have to work together to really get anywhere! Great message smerkaba.