How I Did It

Both Ends of Love
by Doghouse Riley
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Sat, Jun 28, 2008 @ 12:23 PM

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Tools I Used

Wail, this here come to me in a dream. Course we did have Mexican food fer dinner and I did eat a bowl a ice cream before turnin in.

Samples I Used

I found these here in my desk drawer at work. I was lookin for a bottle a pepto-bismal, but sometimes ya just take what ya git.

Original Samples

I actually wrote a chord chart fer this one. Why I could not say as I did not use it at all.


Wail, since I suppose I'm in the relative minor of LS's key I didn't have to do hardly any pitch shiftin...maybe two notes total. Honest.

Other Notes

I was downright giddy while makin this one, as you might imagine.