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How I Did It

Tools I Used

Audacity 1.26

Samples I Used

File name / original file name / license type

Music (all from CCMixter)

*Creepy Techno from Aussie John / AussieJohn_-_Around_Dusk.mp3 / Attribution 3.0 Unported

*Guitar From Accoustic Ryan / accousticRyan_-Acoustic_sunrise_guitar_background.mp3 / Attribution 2.5 Generic

*Slow Piano from Quest / oscarx_-_Quest.mp3 / Sampling Plus 1.0

* Tense Sounds from Noel Kay / noelkay_-_Fourmi_2.mp3 / Attribution 3.0 Unported

Sound Effects (All from Free Sounds Project)

*Boiling Cauldron / 19845_Jace_boiling_bubbles_ingredients.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Cat Meow / 4915_NoiseCollector_cat3.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Cat Scream / 16466_acclivity_TheLadySaysNo.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Cricket / 43827_monterey2000_Cricket_2007_10_12.mp3 / Sampling Plus 1.0
*Dragon Moan / 4513_NoiseCollector_dragon9.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Frog / 32512_daveincamas_200703101950PacificChorusFrogsDuet1.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Loud Scream Female / 42849_FreqMan_psycho_screams_3.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Loud Scream Male / 9432_thanvannispen_male_Thijs_loud_scream.aiff / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Monster Growl / 37823_THE_bizniss_demon_dying.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

*Owl 42917_inchadney_Owl.WAV Sampling Plus 1.0

*Thunder / 20048_FreqMan_Thunder5_6_18_06.wav / Sampling Plus 1.0

Original Samples

* Witches / cs272_-_Macbeth_Act_1_Scene_1_Witches.mp3 / Attribution 3.0 Unported


The music files were edited to be one-minute long and the audio files were edited to all be 5 seconds long. All files were converted to mp3 mono for simpler editing.

Other Notes

I developed these after doing remixes with students and teachers. There is an undue amount of frustration when first doing audio drama remixes because of problems with formats and files sizes. Keeping the lengths of the audio consistent gives teachers and students some flexibility when doing the tutorial and learning the procedures of the software without focusing an inordinate amount of time on technical issues.