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Emergence (Vo1k1 Fractal Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Mar 6, 2011 @ 4:45 PM
FeaturingSnowflake, SackJo22, Htore
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This was started for the DJ set at the Emergence opening. So, that deadline came and went - as did the Deep House focus of the remix. The intention evolved for inclusion in the opening playlist - some kind of Deep House / art gallery style mashup. After another deadline drifted by - things just gravitated towards some sonic and narrative closure.

For instance, there are these chopped, quantized, and glitched phrases based on SackJo22’s “Emerge in Love”. Initially these really made rhythmic sense, but evolved into something more chaotic - which I liked as a play off of the sampled phrase. Also, there is all this spectral and dubby processing on Snowflake’s “Emergence” that initially had to behave itself in the context of the percussive and tonal bass parts. So, I was able to let it run off the leash. In general, all the percussive and instrumental parts became less house and more electronica. The background vox texture is all based on Htore’s The tail / fade out just goes on forever.

Nonetheless, it’s still A Major, 125bpm. A sample pack is in a separate upload.

"Emergence (Vo1k1 Fractal Mix)"
by vo1k1

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