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Samples from the Patria extranjero track from the Volk Album

uploaded: Mon, Apr 18, 2005 @ 8:41 AM
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Samples from one of the three pieces of Nortec style in the Volk album. Inspired by a poster Mexico-USA border. The first part was begun in Mexico in 2001 and the final section was finished in Spain in 2004. Both places are for me a foreign country and a homeland.
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /samples patria/303_1.wav (655.36kb)
  • /samples patria/303_2.wav (327.68kb)
  • /samples patria/303_3.wav (196.61kb)
  • /samples patria/loop1.wav (327.68kb)
  • /samples patria/nah3.wav (655.36kb)
  • /samples patria/redoble1.wav (196.61kb)
  • /samples patria/sint1.wav (1.31MB)
  • /samples patria/sint3.wav (2.62MB)
  • /samples patria/trompetas1.wav (458.75kb)
  • /samples patria/trompetas2.wav (262.14kb)
  • /samples patria/trompetas3.wav (327.68kb)
  • /samples patria/voz_voc1.wav (1.31MB)
  • /samples patria/voz_voc2.wav (1.31MB)
  • /samples patria/ac1.wav (274.74kb)
  • /samples patria/ahiva.wav (352.88kb)
  • /samples patria/acord1.wav (176.48kb)
  • /samples patria/acord2.wav (132.38kb)
  • /samples patria/acord3.wav (132.38kb)
  • /samples patria/acstab.wav (53.62kb)
  • /samples patria/ahiva2.wav (137.09kb)
  • /samples patria/bass1.wav (193.82kb)
  • /samples patria/kick.wav (88.28kb)
  • /samples patria/hat2.wav (51.57kb)
  • /samples patria/hat.wav (49.33kb)
  • /samples patria/kick2.wav (44.18kb)
  • /samples patria/nah2.wav (220.58kb)
  • /samples patria/nah.wav (352.88kb)
  • /samples patria/snare.wav (53.49kb)
  • /samples patria/sn2.wav (89.42kb)
  • /samples patria/snare2ble.wav (88.28kb)
  • /samples patria/hats.wav (327.68kb)

"Samples from the Patria extranjero track from the Volk Album"
by vate

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