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The New Music House (It's Only Up From Here)

uploaded: Thu, Apr 4, 2019 @ 3:45 AM last modified: Sat, Apr 6, 2019 @ 10:39 PM  (add)
Featuringstarfrosch, spinningmerkaba, Mr_Yesterday, coruscate, DJ Rkod, Admiral Bob, svaenski, copperhead, Sackjo22, Snowflake, Stan Michael, grapes, Doru Malaia
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The New Music House

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It’s Only Up From Here

Watching an “Unsung” episode about house music artist Crystal Waters inspired a closer look at the Starfrosch stems.

For primary kick drum sound, made a 120 bpm loop using a one beat sample from svaenski’s 120_H&T and one beat loop created using FL Studio. A third one beat kick drum and hihat sample from svaenski’s 120_H&T is layered after bridge.

Starfrosch’s HH, HH FT, Bongo A and snare stems were used “as is” and as a template for the song. 808_Percs_Tops_a pattern was used on the bridge with one percussion hit removed. Two beat sample of Basses and a one beat high bass line were use to build bass tracks in sync with the kick tracks. A additional FL Studio bass synth track was added to increase low end.

Three sequenced FL Studio synths were layered over the bass tracks for rhythm. These synths are not present on the bridge.

Admiral Bob’s Warm Vacuum Tube ourto beat with organ is layered over the primary kick drums on the bridge. Starfrosch’s 30-Omnisphere synth and Lift tracks are added on the bridge as well.

Sampled DJ Rkod’s Pulse audio for outro disco hihat and bass drum fill.

The vocal hook and verse was sampled from Copperhead’s The Music Is Multiplying @ Ccmixter featuring Sackjo22, Snowflake and Stan Michael.

The second vocal hook was sampled from Jason Brock’s The New Music and processed using Izotope’s Vocal Synth.

Call back vocals “move your feet” and “house” sampled from Mr Yesterday’s Flip the House. Also, the word “house” sampled from Curoscate’s Chill House.
Some of Mr Yesterday’s vocal samples were run through Izotope’s Vocal Synth.

Admiral Bob’s Singer Bait guitar solo in C samples were pitched up to E, victimized and reamped.

Also, deployed Grapes’ Real Drumkit Samples open hihat and Doru Malaia’s Power Hits.

"The New Music House (It's Only Up From Here)"
by texasradiofish

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